• The Nduthi Biz

    If by now you do not know what a nduthi is, you need to be deported. Ok, jokes, let me help you out. Nduthi also known as boda…

    22 May Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • To Go Out Or Not To Go Out

    When someone mentions Friday night, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For a lot of young guys, probably going out and having a good time…

    04 May Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Nitaride Boda Boda

    Ya’ll remember that song by Madtraxx ‘Nitaride boda boda nitaride boda boda’. It was such a banger and I think it came out around that time nduthis started…

    02 May Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Catherine Kasavuli: The Veteran Media Girl

    Catherine Kasavuli is a famous and successful media personality. A household name that has over the years warm the hearts of television viewers with her poise, excellent diction…

    26 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Start an African Jewellery business?

    As a young person, getting a white collar job in Nairobi is becoming more of a struggle each day. Because of that, some youth have ventured into the…

    24 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Mahamri Recipe!

    Mahamri is a traditional Swahili delicacy especially in the coastal region. Mahamris are miniature with a bulging square or triangular dough which is fried until they attain a golden…

    20 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Ngugi wa Thiong’o: An Award-winning Author

    Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, novelist and theorist of post-colonial literature. He is currently a distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine, USA. He…

    19 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • How To Make Your Own Business Poster And Save Money

    Most entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they run a big or small business, always want to cut costs and save money. In setting up and running a business, a…

    17 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Kazi Ni Kazi; Mjengo Ni Kazi!

    We see them very early in the morning in groups heading to their various construction sites with their tools ready to start their hustle like every other Kenyan.…

    16 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
  • Health Benefits Of Eating Sukuma Wiki

    One of the most eaten veggies in Kenya is Sukuma wiki whether poor, rich or middle class. Sukuma wiki in English is Kales or Collard Greens. However, the name…

    13 April Posted by MRX ADMIN
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