Yemi Alade Shows InstaLove for Co-Be Nairobi

June 05, 2017 - 0 Comments

Here’s Why You Should Too!

Co-Be Nairobi’s story is one of those epics that inspires others to turn their passions into an income-generating business.

Collins (26) and Bevern (25), realized they had a passion for creating, and so they started their own fashion design house. Co-Be Nairobi (then Co-Be Inc) was established in 2011. Based in the Kibera Slum, Co-Be specializes in designing and creating urban active wear for a busy urban man and woman.

Co-Be is now quickly gaining traction as lots of celebrities are in love with their customized items. Their clothing and accessories have been spotted on Muthoni Drummer Queen, Mwalimu Rachel, Octopizzo, Adelle, Larry Madowo, Mark Maasai, Kagwe Mungai and lots of other local celebrities. Over the weekend we were stocked to see Yemi Alade put up an Instastory showing her love for their customized accessories!


Collins and Bevern are “proud of Kibera, where we are from. We are proud of Nairobi. We are proud of Africa”. One of our missions is to change the Kiebra narrative. When you mention that we come from Kibera people shy away from visiting us, or people have this pre-conceived notion that Kibera is just crime, drugs and theft. So many good things come from Kibera.”

Co-Be Nairobi give the people of Kibera job opportunities in an effort to open up their minds to opportunities available. Hopefully this creates a ripple effect where these people inject their own ideas into their communities and further inspire others to improve their lives.

If you would love to be a part of Co-Be Nairobi’s story, visit to shop for lots of cool stuff!

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